Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages curriculum offers a four-year sequential program in French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Latin. Two years of one foreign language are required for all students. Although only two are required, the vast majority complete four years of study in one language and many begin a second language. One may begin (with permission) a second foreign language after completing two years of a first language.

The primary goal of the Foreign Languages curriculum is to help students develop proficiency skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is also the goal of the department to provide students an opportunity to travel in the target country during their course of study. Trips and exchanges are conducted in the following languages: German, Japanese, French, Latin, and Spanish. The curriculum's purpose is to increase the student's knowledge and appreciation of diverse cultures of the countries whose languages they are learning. Perhaps the best summations of our department’s goals are made by the proposed National Foreign Language Goals and Standards:

Communication in Languages Other Than English

Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures

Connect With Other Disciplines and Acquire Information

Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture

Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World

Foreign Language Placement Procedures

Subfreshmen Placement
Subfreshman students will be assigned to a Level 1 language class. Levels 1 and 2 in the assigned language must be completed before switching to a new language. (This assignment will be indicated on class schedules which will be sent to you prior to school registration.). Students who have had only one year of study of a language in middle school or junior high school are not eligible for a Level 2 class at Uni High. These students may wish to begin another language at Uni High. Placement for subfreshman students with more than one year of prior study will be decided on an individual basis. Please remember that language study out of sequence with the rest of one's grade level will result in future scheduling conflicts. Much of the success of Uni High's foreign languages program derives from our policy of limiting class sizes so that there will be ample time for individual practice during class. We intend to hold fast to this policy and not overload any language section.

Transfer Students -- Placement of transfer students with prior language experience will be made on an individual basis. (Consultation with language instructor and department chair).

Current Students -- Placement of students taking language instruction outside of University High School will be done on an individual basis. (Consultation with language instructor and department chair)

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