The Character Skill Snapshot

All applicants to the University of Illinois Laboratory High School are required to take the Character Skills Snapshot. For students who take the SSAT, there is no charge to take the Snapshot. Once you register for an SSAT, you will have access to The Snapshot when it launches on September 25, 2017.

This is a new tool provided this year by the SSAT to provide more holistic information about applicants.

Why We’re Asking Applicants to take The Character Skills Snapshot

Character and personal growth are an integral part of a quality education. Certainly those seeking admissions to Uni are interested in in an environment that focuses not only on exceptional academics, unique life experiences, and outstanding opportunities, but also developing good citizens. Grades and test scores just don’t the whole story of an applicant. The Character Skills Snapshot provides richer holistic information about the applicant’s intellectual curiosity, teamwork, initiative, responsibility, resilience, self-control, open-mindedness, and social awareness.

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