1985 Beberman Award Winner: Benjamin Bailar

Benjamin Bailar was Dean of the School of Business at Rice University as well as a former vice president and member of the board of the U.S. Gypsum Company in Chicago. In addition, he was named the 61st Postmaster General of the United States in February 1975. In 1970, the Postal Service was created as a semi-independent establishment of the executive branch of the government under an eleven-member Board of Governors. The purpose of the reorganization was to bring a more business-oriented administration to the huge federal postal system. As both the Postmaster General, and previously as the Deputy Postmaster General, Bailar sat on this board. With his background in finance and management, Bailar attempted to place the postal service on a strong economic base. His major responsibility was to administer this semi-independent government corporation so that it could support itself on revenues from mail users. Bailar was especially concerned with the quality of mail service and postal costs. One significant cost was labor, and Bailar negotiated a contract which averted a strike by the unionized postal employees in July 1975.

Congratulations Mr. Bailar, the 1985 Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

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