1990 Beberman Award Winner: Marjorie G. Bardeen

A manager of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and a member of the Friends of FermiLab Board of Directors, a nonprofit corporation which exists to develop and conduct pre-college education programs at FermiLab, Bardeen has been the Principal Investigator of four National Science Foundation grants to Friends of FermiLab and has been the co-PI of an NSF grant that supports a collaboration of 10 federal Department of Energy national laboratories that conduct teacher enhancement and leadership institutes under the National Teacher Enhancement Program. She previously taught in the TAG program at the Handley Junior High School in Glen Ellyn, was the President of the Glenbard High School District Board of Education and was vice-president and program director of the Friends of FermiLab Association. Her husband, William A. Bardeen, Uni Class of 1958, was head of the Theoretical Physics Department at FermiLab.

Congratulations Ms. Bardeen, the 1990 Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

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