2001 Beberman Award Winner: Terry Truitt Whitcomb

Terry Truitt Whitcomb is a professor emeritus of Art History at the University of San Diego. She also is the retired director of Institutional Design and served as curator of the University of San Diego collection of fine and decorative arts. She was chair of the University of San Diego Art Department from 1969-1990. As director of institutional design (a job that does not exist on most campuses) Professor Whitcomb has been responsible for keeping the visual surroundings of the private Roman Catholic-Affiliated university in harmony and preserving and protecting its Spanish Renaissance theme. Professor Whitcomb earned a Master's of Arts degree with Distinction from San Diego State University. She was the first woman to complete undergraduate studies at the then-brand new San Diego College for Women. (Later, the College for Women merged with the College for Men to become the University of San Diego.)

Congratulations Ms. Whitcomb, the 2001 Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

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