2010 Beberman Award Winner: Richard Lazarus

Richard Lazarus is a professor of Law at Georgetown University. He has represented governments, environmental groups, and individuals in 40 cases before the United States Supreme Court. He is the faculty director of the Supreme Court Institute, which sponsors academic courses and workshops, and provides moot court arguments relative to appearances before the United States Supreme Court. He has served in the United States Justice department, in both the Environmental and Natural Resource Division and the Solicitor General's Office as Assistant to the Solicitor General. Richard received his undergraduate degrees in economics and chemistry from the University of Illinois and his J.D. degree from Harvard University. Richard has had a distinguished career dealing with environmental law. In 2004, he authored The Making of Environmental Law, which looked at legal, political, and cultural factors which affected their evolution. He has been awarded faculty teaching awards at both Washington University and the Georgetown University School of Law. In Fall of 2009, Richard was the Austin Wakerman Scott visiting professor at Harvard University.

Congratulations Mr. Lazarus, the 2010 Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

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