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Special places inspire new ideas.

But most of them– like your favorite college course, or Woodstock, or an ambitious but short-lived startup – only exist for a brief moment.

The best ones last for centuries. There’s the Athenian agora. There’s the Tianyi-Ge library in China, which has hosted scholars for half a millennium. And now, approaching its second century, there’s Uni High.

is our chance to celebrate a truly special place,
and sustain it for the next hundred years of new ideas
OCTOBER 8-10, 2021

If you come from Uni High, then you come from a special place. And the Century Celebration brings us together for a once-in-a-lifetime gathering. With our support, Uni can be a special place for a hundred more years.

Be there.
Bring your friends.
Build the next hundred years.

So mark your calendar, and over the coming months, you’ll hear more about this once-in-a-lifetime gathering. If you want to contribute your own ideas about how this special celebration can live up to the special place that we share, let us know. On behalf of the faculty, alumni, and supporters of Uni High: See you there!