Uni Traditions
Subbie Retreat

Graduation Week Festivities

Since the early 1970s, hundreds of students have used brightly colored paint to leave their handprints on the walls of the student lounge. In fact, this rite of passage is now an official part of graduation week festivities.

New Student Orientation

Upper class students known as Subbie Buddies and Transfer Buddies work with faculty, counselors, and the administration to help the transition of new students into Uni High. During the orientation, new students receive survival kits, move into their lockers, learn their daily class routine, and hear advice about joining the Uni community.

Orientation Picnic

The Parent-Faculty Organization (PFO) kicks off the school year with an all-school potluck. Everyone is welcome.

Subbie Retreat and Advisory Program

Subbies celebrate the end of their first week at Uni by going on a retreat planned for them by their Subbie Buddies and advisers. Subbies continue to meet during the 1st quarter in study halls that help with adjustment to Uni’s academic expectations and social life.

Student Lounge

The lounge promises an inviting atmosphere in which to sleep, talk, study or listen to music in a place where students are welcome. Use of the lounge is a privilege and plays an integral role in the daily lives of a large percentage of the student body. Historically, only students in grades 11-12 have been allowed by the students to use the lounge.

Dances and Social Events

All Uni High dances (excluding Prom) are open to all students of the school. A nominal fee may be charged for admission to many dances. This fee is used as either a fund raiser for a class/organization, or to help offset the cost of organizing the dance. Below are some of the main dances held each year at Uni High, the sponsoring group, and the times:

  • Howdy Hop: The Howdy Hop is the first official dance of the year. It provides an opportunity for students to get better acquainted. (Student Council, 8-11 p.m.)
  • Winter Formal/Spring Fling: These can be major social events at Uni High. Sometimes it is a formal dance, other times it is semi-formal or informal. (8:30-11:30 p.m.)
  • Prom: Held at the end of the year, Prom is sponsored by the junior class in honor of the departing senior class. It is a formal/semi-formal affair and is open to juniors and seniors and their guests only.

Agora Days

A four-day program usually held in the spring—is another one of the school's more recent traditions. Agora, which is Greek for "the market," involves more than 100 special-interest classes taught by students, parents, alumni and faculty instead of regular classes.

Stud Prod

A series of student produced plays that is presented every year in December.

Big Show/X-Week

X-week activities raise money for a designated charitable cause. Each class contributes to the fund-raising effort. In the past, x-week activities have included raffles, bake sales, contests, auctions, and Big Show. Big Show is Uni High’s student-run comedy/talent show, which in the past has consisted of everything from rock bands to comedy skits.

Quad Day

Each year, Uni hosts its own "Quad day" where students can explore the various clubs offered by Uni.

Lunch Time Clubs

Every day at Uni there are student run clubs during lunch

Spirit Week

A week of school sponsored activities culminating in a school assembly in January.

Winter Party

Just before winter break, the PFO and school host the “surprise” winter party. Sufficient information will be provided to parents to make the event successful, but still a “surprise.”

Student Awards Program

The Annual Student Academic Awards Program is held near the end of the school year. The program features the recognition of notable student achievements, and the presentation of prizes and academic awards.

Senior Supper

Before graduation, the seniors’ rite of passage to “alumnihood” begins with a candlelight supper. Seniors exchange their Last Words in a souvenir publication and leave their mark on the school with hand printing in the student lounge.


Before graduation, the seniors leave their mark on Uni, by leaving their handprints on the walls of Uni.

Disorientation Picnic

the Disorientation Picnic is sponsored by Student Council and is the last social event of the year. It is a great way to remember the year.


Uni’s commencement ceremony is planned by and for the seniors in conjunction with their class sponsor and the school administration. The unique choice of music and the format provide a memorable event for all. All students and parents are invited to attend this event.


The Uni High Alumni Association is an ad hoc collection of all Uni High student attendees and graduates and all current and former faculty members. No annual dues are charged. Occasionally, all-alumni gatherings such as the Uni High Grand Reunion in 1985 and Re•Uni•on 75 held in 1996 are planned for the purposes of engendering fellowship, renewing acquaintances and building links between alumni and current students. In addition, classes of Uni High Alumni are encouraged to hold reunions in five-year intervals.