Uni High Advisory Board

Uni High is an exceptional institution that plays an important role in the community and for our campus. On the recommendation of the 2016-17 University High School Strategic Vision Task Force, the Uni High Advisory Board was established to serve in a governance capacity and to help shape Uni’s future.

Uni High Advisory Board Charge AY (PDF)

Advisory Board Members

  • David Tewksbury (Term: 2017-August 2022) Executive Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Jane A. Hays (Term: 2017-December 2022) Managing Director, The Downey Group and Community Member
  • Linda Fred (Term: 2020-December 2022) Vice President of Pharmacy Services Carle Health
  • Rochelle Gutierrez (Term: 2017-December 2021) Professor, College of Education
  • Mark Laufenberg (Term: 2017-December 2021) President, PowerWorld and Community Member
  • Jennifer Teper (Term: 2020-August 2023) Head of Preservation, University Library
  • Dale Wright (Term: 2017-May 2021) Associate Dean for Advancement, Grainger College of Engineering
  • Amy Santos Associate Provost, ex officio
December 2, 2016: University High School Strategic Vision Task Force Final Report