Matt Wilhelm Award
Dr. Walkington presents the Matt Wilhelm Award

    Matt Wilhelm, Class of 1999, was a dedicated member of the Uni student body who was constantly helping others. No matter what he was doing, from serving on Student Council to assisting fellow students with their homework, Matt always contributed with little fanfare and with an unforgettable smile. Each year, the Matt Wilhelm Memorial "Service with a Smile" award shall go to the member of the Uni student body who, like Matt, went above and beyond the call of duty to serve the Uni community.

    1. Micah Berman
    2. Micah Berman
    3. Adam Tiouririne
    4. Tianna Pittenger
    5. Will Fernandez
    6. Jamie Blue
    7. Andrew Richardson
    8. Sam LeRoy
    9. Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke
    10. Jacob Rajlich
    11. Madie Gardner
    12. Maggie Tewksbury
    13. Ethan Soloveychik
    14. Othniel Carr