First Floor

The first floor of Uni is where many of our Math and English classes are taught. The first floor is the home of the senior and junior lockers and student lounge where upperclassmen hang out when they are not in class. One thing that you will be sure to notice are the colorful handprints that decorate our school. For decades, each person from the graduating class leaves their mark on the building by putting their handprints on the walls of the first floor.

Main Office

The main office is the hub of Uni High. This is the place where all visitors check in and where the office staff is located.


The kitchen is open to students and staff as a place in which to cook their food. It has a stove, multiple microwaves, a sink, and 4 refrigerators. In addition to its normal functions, the kitchen is host to multiple food sales each week.

SSO Office

The SSO is where the counselors work. With a welcoming environment, you can come in to talk with your counselor at any time.

Director's Office

The director's office is where Uni High's top administrator spends his time working on important tasks. The room is directly connected with the Uni High office.

Math Department office

This room serves as the math department headquarters. Students may come inside and ask for help on various math problems.

Room 114

This room serves as the student lounge. It is a place on the first floor meant for Juniors and Seniors to relax, sleep, or work on homework. The lounge is full of furniture, has a foosball table, and large speakers for music.

Room 110

Room 110 now serves as a teachers lounge, where our incredible and talented instructors can gather when they're not teaching. It features an eating table, staff mailbox and a copy machine.

Room 106N

This room is typically used for English classes. It has been renovated as a smart learning classroom that will encourage and enhance students' learning abilities. The room includes a television, a projector, and is one of the few rooms in the school with whiteboards.

Room 106S

Room 106S is typically used for English classes. It has semi-circular tables and several short stools for the students to encourage discussion. The room also has a High-Definition Television.

Room 109

Room 109 is typically used for Math and Computer Literacy classes. It has square tables and plastic chairs. The room is one of the school’s "smart rooms", complete with a computer, projector, and sound system for the teachers to give presentations.

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