Kenney Gym

Kenney Gym is Uni's main facility for sporting events and Physical Education. There are regular locker rooms, athlete locker rooms, a health classroom, a track, and a gym for Uni students. Uni shares this facility with the University gymnasts.

PE Staff Office

This is where our Athletic Director as well as our 2 PE teachers and our health teachers have their offices. To the left of the main entrace is the room with an ice machine and coolers for our sports teams.

Locker Rooms

These locker rooms are where most students will change their clothes before they begin PE.

Athlete's Locker Rooms

The locker rooms for Uni High athletes (primarily basketball and volleyball players) are in a different part of the building.

Kenney Gymnasium Annex

Kenney Gymnasium Annex is the host for many sporting events for Uni High. The high school basketball and volleyball teams practice and play their games in this gym. Students also use the gym for their sports classes.


This is the Kenney track. All Uni students run on this track during their fitness PE classes. Below the track is equipment which the University gymnasts use for training. The area below the track is not typically open to Uni students.

English Department

The English department is on the second floor of the building and serves as the room where English teachers spend their free time to work. Students are welcome to ask questions or talk with teachers

Room 202

Room 202 is used as an english classroom. It has been used as a driver's ed classroom as well as a room to prepare Uni students for their annual 5k run.

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