Philip Anderson Award

Philip Anderson was a member of the University High School Class of 1940. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977 for “fundamental theoretic investigation of the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems.” This award is given to a student for exceptional performance through their science career at Uni, outstanding performance academically and participation in science-related extracurricular activities.


  1. Rahul Pandharipande
  2. Steve Findley & Shamit Kachru
  3. Chris D. Nicholas
  4. Joel Ullom
  5. Dolly Banerjee Roy
  6. Joshua B. Hopkins
  7. Andrea R. Peck Moeller
  8. Omar W. Jassim
  9. Casey Smith
  10. Emad W. Jassim
  11. Richard Lin
  12. Anand D. Sarwate
  13. Hsin Cynthia Chiang
  14. David I. Smyth
  15. Daniel H. Slichter
  16. James Prell
  17. Jocelyn S. Ross
  18. David A. Kaplan
  19. Catherine L. Wah & Elaine Y. Wah
  20. Dawn P. Spelke
  21. Colette Dejong
  22. Devika P. Bagchi
  23. Geoffrey Stephen Beck
  24. Richard Ning Wang
  25. Tej Chajed & Benjamin A. Suslick
  26. Zachary Korol-Gold & Christopher Mathy
  27. Aishwarya A. Gautam
  28. Chelsea Edwards
  29. Gloria Ha & Arch D. Robinson
  30. Nafisa Syed
  31. Ben Schiffer
  32. Lark Moreno
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