Third Floor

The third floor is where the subbies have their lockers. The biology room, physics room, and chemistry room are all on the third flooras well as the Windows Lab. Also on the third floor are the German, Spanish, and Japanese classrooms. Also in the third floor hallway is a periodic table that spans 32 lockers. There is also a men's restroom on the third floor.

Room 301

This room is known as the Biology room. This is where all of the biology classes taught by Mr. Stone, the biology teacher, are held. This room also acts as Mr. Stone's office.

Room 302

This is a science room. Most upperclassmen will recognize this room as the room where they take physics, although the subbies also take their first year of science at Uni here. From the scientific method to Engineering Open House to cutting edge, the subbies lay some of the foundations of their education here. This room holds what are sure to be the leading scientific minds of the future as they begin their journey.

Room 303

English classes and study halls are held here, but this room is most well known for hosting Chemistry classes; students work at the desks and perform labs at the tables in the adjoining room. The hands-on work environment allows students to explore the principles they learn from the teacher and textbook.

Room 308

This room is mostly used for German classes, and is decorated as such, but some social studies classes are also carried out here. During most years, at least one study hall is held here each day as well.

Room 309

Room 309 serves as the Spanish classroom. It hosts every level of spanish taught at Uni. This room is decorated with posters and other accessories from foreign countries to create an authentic feel.

Room 312

This room is typically used for Japanese classes, but it is also used for some other small classes. The size of the room and the black boards surrounding the round table are perfect for smaller discussion groups.

Room 313

The art room is a fun and festive place, ideal for allowing students’ natural creativity to flourish. The paint-stained and scratched tables are indicative of the extensive use they have seen - countless paintings and projects have been crafted upon them. Though art is usually done individually, the room is a very social place. Gathered around a group of tables in the center of the room, students talk and share as they create beautiful works of art.


The WAC Lab is Uni’s computer lab. Host to over twenty top-of-the-line computers, the WAC Lab is an ideal place for students to do work and research during their free time. Teachers often take advantage of this room’s resources, bringing their classes here to provide additional learning experience.

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