Computer Science Faculty

DoMonique Arnold (darnold2) holds the master’s in library and information science from Illinois; as a James Scholar at Illinois, she also earned her bachelor’s degree in Latin. She has worked in the Classics Library at UIUC and at Champaign Public Library’s Frederick Douglass Branch. She has been an instructor in the Department of Educational Psychology and taught their 203-level course in Race, Ethnicity and Power. In addition to her library experience, Ms. Arnold also has worked in many community outreach positions, such as the coordinator of all educational and internship programs at the YWCA.

Joel Beesley (jbeesley) teaches Computer Literacy 1 & 2 and World-Wide Web Development as an elective for sophomores through seniors. He also teaches Yearbook. He earned his B.A. at Valparaiso University and his M.A. at Southern Illinois University.

John Garvey (jbgarvey) teaches French 1 & 2, and is on the Technology team for Computer Literacy 1 and 2. He co-sponsors the French Club, co-directs the biannual French Trip, and is the co-sponsor for the freshman class. He earned his B.A. in English and French at Frostburg State College in Maryland and his M.S. in Comparative Literature, as well as all doctoral coursework, at the University of Illinois with a concentration on French and British literature of the 16th and 17th centuries. He is the proud father of three Uni alumna and father-in-law of two Uni alumni.

Greg Smith (gregs) is the Executive Teacher of Computers and Educational Technology. He teaches Computer Literacy 1 & 2 to subfreshmen and freshmen. He also teaches Computer Programming and Computer Technology as electives for sophomores through seniors. He is a Uni High alum, class of 1973. He has a B.S. in Radio and Television from the U of I (1977) and an Ed.M. (Master of Education) in Curriculum and Instruction (1991).

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