This is our last year using the SSAT at Uni, and we plan to de-emphasize it in this year’s process. We recommend taking the SSAT only one time.

The SSAT is an exam we have used to help predict your ability to do the work at Uni. It includes sections of math, reading, verbal and writing skills. There is no minimum score to be accepted, and the test is not the most important part of the application. Registration for the SSAT is online at http://www.SSAT.org.

Applicants for the subfreshman year class must take the middle level of the SSAT. Applicants for grades 9-11 must take the upper level of the SSAT. You can sign up for the test at SSAT.org. We will also have fee waiver applications at our information meetings, and can help you if you can’t afford to take the test. You can also call 217-300-8173 for information on fee waivers.

We also ask that you complete the Character Skills Snapshot that is offered at no extra cost when you sign up for the SSAT. It provides us a bit more information about the applicant (beyond grades and test scores) and helps us identify students who are a good match for Uni.

When registering for the SSAT, make sure you request that your scores be sent to University Laboratory High School (code number 7820.) We will not accept unofficial scores from applicants..