Jeff Helfrich
Helfrich's senior photo

Jeffery Helfrich transferred to Uni High from St. Matthew's Catholic School as a Freshmen. Like many Uni Students, he had a difficult time choosing whether to go to Uni or stay with many of his friends. His choice was made easier by many of his friends going to Centennial instead of Central High School. He doesn't regret his choice as he began his time at Uni running with the Cross Country Team. While in class he enjoyed learning saying, "Dr. Rey Caruba made physics a class you could laugh in." In his Junior year, he founded Root Beer Brewing Club where he and his fellow classmates experimented with different root beer recipes. In his senior year, he was named the biggest overachiever and was predicted to start the "Wall Street Marathon" where he would check his stocks in between laps around the track.

Once he graduated from Uni he went and graduated from Harvard University. He uses his degree working at an investment firm and still runs for fun from time to time. Jeff Helfrich became a founding member of the Uni High Alumni Association and is glad the attitude of forgetting about Uni when you leave has faded away. 

Senior Quote

"He's a model for all those who take themselves too seriously" -Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Club Membership

Founder of Rootbeer Club and an active runner in Cross Country and Track

Notable Accomplishments

  • Harvard Graduate

  • Founding Member of the Uni High Alumni Association 

  • Works in Investing and Finance