With Illinois Campaign

The “With Illinois” campaign is a campus-wide fundraising effort, with each unit on campus setting fundraising goals, plans and priorities. The entire campus has a $2.25 billion goal; Uni’s goal is $10 million.

The “quiet phase” of the campaign started three years ago, and during that time, Uni raised more than $6 million. Our goal now is to get to the $10 million mark by the campaign’s end in 2022. Most gifts given or pledged between now and then will count toward the goal.

Our plans include increasing our offerings of hands-on experiences and access to active learning environments and cutting-edge technology, upgrading infrastructure, and increasing faculty supplemental stipends.

In addition, our priorities include student support, such as fee waivers, funding for faculty professional development, and paying for long-overdue building maintenance as well as new initiatives for our building.

Uni is looking forward to developing partnerships and active learning environments to influence policy and extend educational innovation through our research and teaching from Urbana-Champaign to Illinois and beyond, and to recruit and retain leading teachers.

In our rapidly changing world, we must look to our alumni and friends to not only hold our position as one of the elite public schools in the U.S., but to accomplish more than ever.

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