Uni High Book Bar

Uni Book Bar is a used textbook sale for Uni students. This popular event gives families of all students the opportunity to sell and/or purchase used Uni textbooks. The prices are set by the students selling the books; usually the prices are significantly lower than at the bookstores.

The students can shop alone, but the parents are welcome at the sale as well. Note to the parents: if you are not going to attend the sale, please make sure that your child knows what you consider a reasonable price for the books he or she is getting. The prices are set by the sellers, and while typically books are bargain-priced, it is not always the case.

During the sale: When you have chosen the books you want to buy:


DAY OF SALE DROPOFF (Wed. May 23rd 1:30- 2:35 p.m.)

SALE SCHEDULE (Wed. May 23rd)

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