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The first floor of Uni is where many of our Math and English classes are taught. It is the home of the senior and junior lockers, and the student lounge where upperclassmen hang out when they are not in class. One thing that you will be sure to notice are the colorful handprints that decorate the walls. For decades, each person from the graduating class leaves their mark on the building by putting their handprint on the walls of the first floor.


The kitchen is open to students and staff as a place in which to cook their food. It has a stove, multiple microwaves, a sink, and four refrigerators. In addition to its normal functions, the kitchen is host to food sales.

First Floor Kitchen

Room 114

This room serves as the student lounge. It is a place on the first floor meant for Juniors and Seniors to relax, sleep, or work on homework. The lounge is full of furniture, has a foosball table, and has large speakers for music.

First Floor Lounge

Room 106N

This room is typically used for English classes. It has been renovated as a smart learning classroom that will encourage and enhance students' learning abilities. The room includes a television, a projector, and is one of the few rooms in the school with whiteboards.

Room 106 North

Room 106S

Room 106S is typically used for English and History classes. The room has rectangular desks lining the sides of the room with chairs for small group and large group discussions. Each table has their own screen for small group work.

Room 106 South

Room 107

Room 107 is typically used for private meetings and group work. It has rearrangeable tables and chairs to facilitate discussion. This room also has whiteboards for walls.

Room 107

Room 109

Room 109 is typically used for Math and Computer Literacy classes. It has triangular desks that can combine into hexagonal tables and plastic chairs. The room is one of the school’s "smart rooms", complete with a computer, projector, and sound system for the teachers to give presentations.

Room 109