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As we acknowledge our important role as a unit of the University of Illinois, Uni is moving toward aligning our school colors with University’s. Throughout 2021-22, you’ll see both Uni’s traditional royal blue and orange and a gradual progression toward the “Illini blue” (navy) and orange colors representing our parent institution. We’ll use royal blue for our 100th anniversary “year of celebrations” and complete the shift to Illini blue after our October, 2022 Century Celebration.  In an effort to spread the Uni brand consistently, please can find the school's color scheme and logos available for download.

Uni Logo

Uni Logo

This mark reflects the "Uni" brand and serves as Uni's universal logo to be used on all publications. While the official name of the school is used formally, "Uni" serves as the brand identity. The mark's typeface is Adobe Garamond Pro, the University of Illinois' official typeface.

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Varsity Mark

Varsity Mark

This varsity mark represents Uni's athletic brand. The mark is reserved for use on official apparel, team uniforms, athletic department equipment, and athletic department publications.

This mark does not represent Uni's main brand identity.

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Color Palette

Illini Blue




PMS 2767

CMYK 100/90/10/50

RGB 19/41/75

HEX #13294B

Illini Orange




PMS 1655

CMYK 0/80/100/0

RGB 255/95/5


Royal Blue




PMS 2738 C

CMYK 100/96/13/10

RGB 0/20/137

HEX #001489