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In 2014, the Innovations in Learning initiative commenced at Uni High to provide an optimal teaching and learning environment for our teachers and students. In tandem with the University of Illinois’ active learning enterprise, Uni is committed to enhancing its learning spaces to encourage collaborative learning with mobile furniture and cutting edge technology.

Innovations in Learning also supports professional development focusing on improved learning spaces, classrooms, and curriculum – such as Virtual Reality instruction. It also provides funding for the execution of research and observation, and provides resources to allow faculty, administrators, and staff to exchange information about learning spaces with other educators, including campus centers and colleges.

Innovations in Learning is a broad initiative centered on enhancing the classroom experience through innovative teaching and learning methods by way of cutting edge technology and/or mobile furniture.

To date we have renovated classrooms:

  • 106N (2015)
  • 106S (2017)
  • Chemistry Lab, Makerspace, & Classroom (2019) (shown above)

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