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In March 1995 Uni High’s web presence began as then art teacher Karen Hellyer launched the school’s first website. Hellyer maintained this site for a few years until the school developed a new course, World Wide Web Development. In this class, students design and maintain the website themselves. A URL change from to abided by the university’s online regulations in 2008. Since then the site has been either hand-coded or developed with Drupal.

The latest version of the site was released in October 2020 and is the work of many current and past Uni students. The goal is to serve the current Uni community while giving others a look inside the building and culture. Below is a list of students who have made the latest version possible:

  • Anuprova Bhowmik 
  • Nicholas Bodony 
  • Charles Hechler 
  • Jack Holder 
  • Nathanael Jones 
  • Arjun Kala 
  • Zainab Memon 
  • Ethan Mok-Chih 
  • Elan Pan 
  • Navid Tajkhorshid 
  • Luke You 
  • Aniket Gargya (Student Editor)
  • Nicholas Phillips (Student Editor)