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Maxine van der Donk, 2022 Winner

The James Tobin Award for Excellence in the Social Sciences was established in honor of Uni graduate James Tobin, an economist who won the Nobel Prize in 1981. The Tobin Award is given each year to a graduating senior who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the questions and principles of the social sciences.

  1. Martin Geiger
  2. Ruth Welch
  3. Andrew Lovdahl
  4. Rachel Harmon
  5. Katherine Floess
  6. Rosa Druker
  7. James Boyle
  8. Jonathan Yockey
  9. Alice Hu & Patrick Stein
  10. Patrick Stein
  11. Kavi Naidu & Ellen Rispoli
  12. Andrew Stelzer
  13. Vikram Perry
  14. Annemily Hoganson
  15. Sasha Rushing
  16. Roshan Perry & Zachary Donnini
  17. Maxine van der Donk