Uni sophomores earn first place in the ExploraVision regional competition

April 10, 2019

Exploravision HS

The technology prototype, HydroSuppORT, made by Uni sophomores May Yang and Maher Adoni, earned first place in the grade 10-12 division of the 2018-19 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision regional competition (Our region is comprised of Canada and ten midwestern states). Currently, six North American teams in the high school division remain in the final round. Two of those six teams will go to Washington DC to present their prototype to scientists in DC. Students on the first place team will receive $10,000 per student and family travel costs to DC, while student on the second place team will receive $5,000 per student and family travel costs to Washington DC. Past winning projects can be seen at https://thingsbiological.wordpress.com/exploravision/.

HydroSuppORT (Hydroxyapatite-based Supportive Orthopedic Repair Technology) project description:

"Over 1.5 million spinal fusions, hip arthroplasties, and knee arthroplasties are reported annually among elderly people in the United States. HydroSuppORT is a customizable prosthetic spine, hip, and knee bone replacement system, providing support and structure for those who have suffered far-reaching, irreparable osteoarthritic damage. The HydroSuppORT artificial bone implant incorporates hydroxyapatite and chitosan, mimicking the structure and function of living bone. HydroSuppORT allows individuals struggling with osteoarthritis the ability to return to their normal lives, participating again in physical, social activities, and work they once enjoyed."

Click here to view the project website.