Design Thinking and Process for Secondary School

During the Summer of 2019 University Laboratory High School partnered with Professor Clifford Shin from the Industrial Design Department at University of Illinois to provide a hands-on design experience for educators to inspire and prepare them to become active leaders in design education. Uni High and Urbana High School teachers learned new design concepts, software and prototype fabrication techniques together.

Teachers experienced college level design education with the goal of developing curricula to bring back to their high school classrooms. Each week looked at design through the lens of the very topical concept of Human Centered Design (HCD), but with different project manifestations.

The first week (July 8-12) featured Illustrator software in conjunction with the laser cutter to answer a package design challenge.
The second week (July 15-19) featured CAD, (e.g. SolidWorks) and 3D Printing to address a lighting challenge.
In each session, teachers were encouraged to discuss and generate curriculum ideas for use during the next school year.

For more information, please contact Lisa Evans levans@illinois.edu