Design Thinking and Process for Secondary School - Summer 2020

High school educators are invited to join us for an intensive professional development opportunity blending design thinking with emerging technology. This is a cross-disciplinary, project- based learning program. Participants will be researching, designing, and prototyping. The curriculum will immerse attendees in the design process with the intent of developing curricula that can be transferred to their high school teaching practice.   Each session meets from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for five days, and focuses on a different (but complementary) design topic. Applications for multiple weeks are encouraged.

Kinetic Exploration – June 15-19, 30 hours
Kinetic is typically defined as movement affected by external motion or energy. This course will utilize design thinking for creating a toy, and logic for creating parts that move. The course will take place in a lab with Adobe Illustrator and access to laser cutters.

Human Centered Design (HCD) – June 22-26, 30 hours
This course lays out the working principles of the design process: research, observation, analyses, prototyping, and iteration. HCD focuses on hands-on activities including brainstorming and market research. Students should bring laptops to enhance their research.

Lighting Exploration – July 6-10, 30 hours
Students are challenged to use HCD skills to create a lighting solution that meets users’ needs. The course will take place in a lab with Adobe Illustrator and access to laser cutters. The workshop will reinforce the HCD process.

  • Participant Honoraria: $600/week (for 5 days/6 hours per day plus 2 page reflection)
  • Instructor: Cliff Shin, Associate Professor, School of Art and Design
  • Details: Lisa Evans, DTPSS Facilitator levans@illinois.edu
  • This event is CPDU eligible.
  • Made possible by the David Frankel Fund.

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DTPSS 20 is a collaboration between University Laboratory High School
and the Industrial Design program in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois.