Uni High Printing Instructions


You can print to the Uni High lab printers from anywhere -- whether from a Uni High lab or from your personal desktop, laptop computer or mobile device at any location. When you send a print job to a Uni High printer, the job is queued until you come to the lab and release it from the printer by entering your NetID and password.

Note: If printing from off-campus please connect using the VPN client. More information about configuring the Tech Services VPN is available at: http://techservices.illinois.edu/services/virtual-private-networking-vpn

Web Print

Web Print is a service to provide printing from laptops without the need to install print drivers. This feature is available in the Uni High computer labs and library. Visit Papercut Print Instructions for Uni

Installing iPrint

iOS Printing

You can print to the Uni High lab printers from your Apple mobile devices (iPads and iPhones) by following the instructions below:
1. Install the configuration profile:
2. When connected to IllinoisNet, the printers should now appear in the iOS print dialog.
3. Print your document.
4. Launch the "CITES PaperCut" iOS application.
  • Authenticate with your NetID and password.
  • Wait for your print job to appear at the print release station, then release your print job at the print release station.

Printing options and prices

Both of the Uni High computer labs are equipped with monochrome and color laser printers. All printing at Uni High is free of charge. However, printing at other locations on campus will result in charges to your University account. Black and white print jobs cost $0.10 per page. Color print jobs cost $0.40 per page.