Visitor Policy
Visitors must use the West-North-or South entrance to gain access via a buzzer system. You will need to push the intercom buzzer, look into the camera, and state your name and your purpose for coming to the school. Upon entry, you are to report immediately to the Main Office. Students and staff are asked not to open doors for anyone, including other faculty and students. Visitors must specify the purpose of their visit and their destination in order to receive approval to continue. Approved visitors must sign in and wear a name badge at all times while inside the school. Visitors will not be allowed to interrupt classes. Visitors attending school functions that are open to the public (plays, parent-teacher conferences, etc.) are not required to sign in. University employees, while acting on official university business, should report to the office but are not required to sign in. Students, who are not enrolled at the school are not allowed on campus without prior approval of the Administration. Any unauthorized or disruptive person on school property will be asked to leave.