Career Planning Resources

Collegeboard - Quickstart
Set up your college quickstart account – you don’t need your access code, you may fill out the quick profile information and set up your account – your information on the PSAT needs to match the profile information that you use to set up your account Highlights – ORA personality profile, Summer Opportunities, Compare college profiles, SAT study plan

The ACT Plan Program

Highlights – Correlates with your PLAN – World-to-Work Map, Easy to Navigate, Quick overview of career

Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook www.bls.gov/oco/ Use search engine to find career of choice or use the alphabetical listing
Highlights – Nature of the Work, Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement, Employment, Job Outlook, Projections Data, Earnings, OES Data, Related Occupations, Sources of Additional Information

The Princeton Review

Highlights – Day in the Life, Quality of Life, Present and Future, Facts and Figures, Majors, Graduate Programs