P.E.O (Philanthropic Education Organization) Star Scholarship for a Senior GIRL
DUE: September 10, 2015

PEO is a Philanthropic Education Organization that invests in the education of women. PEO has a scholarship for young women entering college. A local PEO chapter would love to recommend a young woman from Uni High for this scholarship.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

If you are interested in being considered for the scholarship, please complete the following prompts and return them to Kristi Bandy, Uni High School Counselor by 9/10/15 (11:59pm) via email.

If more than one senior girl submits responses to the prompts below, Uni's scholarship/awards committee will read and select the senior girl who will be forwarded to PEO for further consideration.

DUE TO KRISTI BANDY, School Counselor, BY: 9/10/15 (11:59pm) via email kbandy2@illinois.edu)

  1. How has your service experience shaped your college and career plans?
  2. What have you learned in your leadership positions and what impact have you made?
  3. Why makes you uniquely qualified to represent young women who have academic, service, leadership qualities; in other words, why do you stand out?
  4. What are your current educational goals?