2017 Gala Gathering

Below is a listing of recent alumni notes/updates submitted to the Uni High Alumni Department

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Class of 2015

Lu Named to Forbes 30 Under 30: 2021 Marketing and Advertising

Class of 2010

Mural's Message: "passion and empathy"

Class of 2008

“At the end of the day, it’s about how technology can create the possibility of something better for all of us.”

Class of 1988

The Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award Honors a living individual whose ongoing contributions have significantly affected the state of television technology and engineering. Recipient: Dr. Paul E. Debevec Paul Debevec is awarded the 2022 Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award for his groundbreaking work in high dynamic range imaging, image-based lighting and photogrammetry, essential techniques used in computer graphics for VFX and Virtual Production. Debevec's pioneering work makes it possible to record and reproduce the light of real scenes to illuminate virtual scenes and vice versa. High dynamic range imagery is a mainstay of computer graphics and combined with image-based lighting, has enabled realistic integration of existing live-action lighting in computer-rendered images. These tools and concepts are now a standard within the VFX industry for rendering. The concepts and the innovative use of LED lighting Paul pioneered with the Light Stage have further laid the groundwork for the use of LED lighting in virtual production, which has seen a rapid growth as a tool for lighting actors on virtual stages.