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The information below is meant as a guide to better assist the Uni Community and those outside of our community to know who to contact.

Issue Who To Contact
Admissions Admissions Coordinator
Application Security Don Marrow
Attendance Donna Shelby
AVSL Don Marrow
Bell Schedules Don Marrow
Bloodborne Pathogen Training/Issues Sheree Denham
Budgets Don Marrow
Building Security Don Marrow
Carpool Sheree Denham
Charter Bus Sheree Denham
Facilities Don Marrow
iBuy Don Marrow
Invoice Payment Sheree Denham
Keys Don Marrow
Minor Employment Certificates Don Marrow
Office Supplies Sheree Denham
Payroll Don Marrow
Pcard Don Marrow
Prox Cards Don Marrow
Purchasing Sheree Denham
Registration Don Marrow
Reimbursements Sheree Denham
Reserving appointments with Dr.  Majerus Sheree Denham
Room Reservations - Uni Joel Beesley
Room Reserviations - Outside Uni Sheree Denham
Substitute Don Marrow
Tcard Don Marrow
Travel Sheree Denham