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The second floor is where the sophomores and freshmen have their lockers. The second floor has only a women's restroom. The main attraction of the second floor would have to be the library. Uni's library is made up of four rooms. The first is the checkout area and a place for students to sit down and work or relax and read books. The second room is where the library staff have their desks. The third room is the "fiction room", where you will find nearly all of the fiction books and graphic novels in the library. The fourth and final room is the "non-fiction room", where most of our non-fiction topical books are held. Moving on from the library, there are five classrooms on the second floor, including two language classrooms: the Latin room and the French room.

Room 201-204

These rooms make up the school library. In addition to the thousands of books held here, students have easy access to the entire University of Illinois library, which contains over thirteen million items. The library is also open for quiet study.

Room 205

This room is used for French and history classes, among other things. It features a standard array of desks as well as a skeleton, assortment of maps, a TV, and 2 blackboards.

Room 206

This a uniquely configured room, typically used for math classes. It features trapezoidal tables paired together to form hexagons, and also contains a bay of computers at the back.

Room 210

Features a standard configuration of desks. It is usually used for math and social studies classes. It has a projector with a retractable screen hanging from the ceiling and 3 chalkboards.

Room 211

The room is used for all Latin classes as well as Latin club. It is one of the smallest classrooms in the school because it is only used for that class.

Room 218

This room is typically used for social studies classes. It is decorated with meaningful and historically relevant images that change based on the unit and were collected by "Modern History" and "World Since 1945" teacher Chris Butler over the past three decades.