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"I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."

- Albert Einstein


Uni High Students: We’ve heard it before: that all-too-common reaction we get when we try to describe Uni High and all its eccentricities to a friend whose high school experience is more traditional: "Wow, your school sounds nuts." This offhand remark, in spite of its flippancy, is accurate. You may or may not be aware of it, but an epidemic has been raging unchecked at Uni High since its earliest days. For some reason, the halls of this school provide fertile terrain for the proliferation of a peculiar disorder: a tendency towards spontaneous bursts of imaginative fancy, unapologetic creativity, or bizarre behavior in short, the highly contagious malady known as "Wyldeness."

A group of alumni from the Class of 1972, themselves far gone with the disease, have made it their mission to track the progression of this Wyldeness epidemic. They have even gone so far as to celebrate the most pronounced cases of the disorder by each year selecting a Uni student who exemplifies the symptoms of Wyldeness and presenting him or her with the highly coveted Wylde Q. Chicken Spontaneous Generation Award for Coloring Outside the Lines.

This might sound like a joke. But listen: there’s actual 💵💵 involved. The FAQ explains all the details.

So if you, or a Uni student you know, has written a U.S. history term paper in iambic pentameter, or devised a project that simultaneously fulfills homework assignments in art, chemistry, and French, or invented a mathematical proof that incorporates a recipe for borscht... tell us! When it comes time to apply to colleges, you just might be able to list the Wylde Q. Chicken Award among your honors.

The Wylde Q. Chicken Award is funded by the Uni Class of 1972 with support from the Uni High faculty and administration.
Local Class of ’72 Representatives: Scott "Reg'lar Guy" Wyatt and Robert Zych
Wylde Q. Chicken plaque and logo created by Jeff Becker